Bella Czar – Czar Bio

Czar Dain

Dark, handsome and forbidding, Czar is someone you might think twice about approaching. His outer façade leaves no clue to the blazing heat and feral passions that churn inside Czar and spill out into his music. The rifts from his guitar will flay your emotions to their very core. As his fingers stroke and tantalize the keyboard, you find yourself captured, suspended as you wait eagerly for the next note.

At times Czar is a dragon, expelling fire and fury into his music. At other times, his music elicits a calm, once only bestowed by angels.

People jokingly say the Czar was not born, but spawned from a union between a guitar and piano. They may not be far from wrong. There is nothing ordinary in Czar’s wizardry of instruments or his manipulation of chords.

When Czar is asked about the genre of Bella Czar’s music he replies, “Genres are boundaries. It stagnates growth and understanding. Do you place boundaries on your soul?”

It’s plain to see why Czar and Bella are so compatible. They are as different as two planets on opposite sides of the universe, yet in music, they are one.